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Calif. has similar law as AZ

834b. (a) Every law enforcement agency in California shall fully cooperate with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service regarding any person who is arrested if he or she is suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.

(b) With respect to any such person who is arrested, and suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws, every law enforcement agency shall do the following:

(1) Attempt to verify the legal status of such person as a citizen of the United States, an alien lawfully admitted as a permanent resident, an alien lawfully admitted for a temporary period of time or as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of immigration laws. The verification process may include, but shall not be limited to, questioning the person regarding his or her date and place of birth, and entry into the United States, and demanding documentation to indicate his or her legal status.

(2) Notify the person of his or her apparent status as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws and inform him or her that, apart from any criminal justice proceedings, he or she must either obtain legal status or leave the United States.

(3) Notify the Attorney General of California and the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service of the apparent illegal status and provide any additional information that may be requested by any other public entity.

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1919 Poster

This poster would keep me drinking.

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Texas vs. California

Governors of two states jogging with their dogs along a trail. Coyote jumps out and starts to attack dog:

California :
#1. Governor starts to intervene and then realizes he should stop; the coyote is doing what is natural.
#2. Call animal control. Animal control captures coyote and spends $200 testing it for diseases and $500 relocating it.
#3. Call Vet. Veterinarian collects dead dog and spends $200 testing it for diseases.
#4. Governor goes to hospital and spends $3500 getting checked for diseases from the coyote and getting bite wound bandaged.
#5. Running trail gets shut down for 6 months while wildlife services conduct a $100,000 survey to make sure the area is clear of dangerous animals.
#6. Governor spends $50,000 and starts a coyote awareness program for people who live in the area.
#7. State legislature spends $2 million investigating how to better handle rabies and how to possibly eradicate it.
#8. Governor’s security agent fired for not stopping the attack and letting the Governor try to intervene.
#9. Cost $75,000 to train new security agent.
#10. PETA protests the relocation of the coyote.

#1. Governor spends $1.23 on a .380 ACP Gold Dot Hollow Point and he and the dog keep jogging.
And we wonder why California is BROKE…

Where is the Outrage?

The family of Greg Baer, Bank of America executive, is located in a jurisdiction protected by the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD), which responded promptly to a disturbance call from his neighborhood last weekend.
According to Corporal Dan Friz, an MCPD spokesperson in Rockville, Maryland, the department received a disturbance call from one of Baer’s neighbors at 4:10 pm last Sunday. Four MCPD units arrived at Baer’s Greenville Rd. address at 4:15 pm. At least two Metropolitan Police Department units from the nearby District of Columbia were already at the scene when they arrived.
Why? Because police cars attached to the Washington MPD’s Civil Disturbance Unit had escorted the SEIU protesters’ buses to Baer’s home. Such cross-jurisdictional escort activity is not uncommon for both departments according to Friz and Metro Police Department spokesperson Officer Eric Frost. Still, the District police did not inform their colleagues of what was about to happen in one of their Maryland neighborhoods.

Makes Me Very Sick!!

From Cdr. Salamander, he says it best....

Context is critical.

You are a member of the Legislative Branch of the United States of America, representing citizens of the USA; a nation made up of 50 sovereign States.

You are sitting in your House.

The leader of a foreign nation is speaking to you in your House. He directly attacks one of the constituent States of your Union - and by proxy - the Nation you serve and its citizens.

You give him a standing ovation.

Mmmmmm. Interesting view you have of your Nation and your feelings for her.

I ask every Dem I know, "Tell me, are you proud of America?" The answer is "Yes", then ask them for an example and watch what happens.......they do the Obama Stumble.

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